Network Marketing For Whimps

Here’s A Way For The Common Sissy To Have Network Marketing Success.

If you ask 10 different Network Marketers the best approach to build your business, there is a good chance you will get a wide range of answers. There are some people who swear that Internet Marketing is the way to go, that the reach of the world wide web is too great even for the largest of warm market professionals.

Attraction Marketing has been on the scene for a while now and it has made quite a few millionaires and built brands that would make some large corporations turn green with envy. The competition is fierce and the approach can cost a little bit of money on the front end while having a steep learning curve. With a new guru being born every 6 seconds you are likely to come across some slick characters that will send you down a bad path.

There are some companies that aren’t thrilled with their distributors building their own brand and would rather have everybody utilize the cookie cutter websites that they have developed. This can make the Internet Marketing world a little more difficult and have the newbies get lost in the shuffle. So what is a natural born coward to do?

Go Belly To Belly and Make It Happen?

Ok easier said than done but I never said it had to be your belly doing the bumping did I? When you get involved with Internet Marketing you are taught to leverage the Internet or outsource projects that might not be in your wheel-house. I have a solution that can help the yellow bellied marketers still get people to look at their opportunity and get them to sign up as well.

With this method you will have to leverage cash but it’s the next best thing to buying courage. You will need to have a few friends that you trust and you would be willing to pay (hopefully they would be good candidates to join your business as well). You are going to set up a party/meeting for your opportunity and pay each of your friends to bring a set amount of guests to come to the party. You will pay them at the end of the meeting…this way they have to see the presentation as well.

You will ask some members of your family to come as well to support your cause, tell them you just want to fill the room so you aren’t embarrassed (again they will be exposed to the opportunity as well). You supply the food and some refreshments. Now you have a lot of people to present your opportunity to and you haven’t personally asked anybody to join your team yet. If your up-line is committed they will help you with the presentation, this will again let your knees knock in fear as the process moves along.

The power of a full room, positive energy, live meetings and camaraderie can prove very fruitful. Your prospects will enjoy the atmosphere and envision themselves duplicating this process, especially if they see a weasel like you pulling this off. This process might cost a little bit of money to get going but if you can build your team quicker and actually grow a set of brass ones in the process…it will be well worth it. These aren’t free mlm leads but you can close them on the spot with the help of your upline.

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    I always love stopping by your blog Dominick!

  2. There is an old saying that you have to learn skills to attract quality prospects. Everybody knows that without skills you are roadkill.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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    Great Site! I difinitely comback for a visit. keep up the good work!

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