If Network Marketing Gives You A Snow Storm Then Make A Snowman

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If you don’t live in the North Eastern United States, please leave because you will ruin my blog with your comments of 70 degree weather and poolside Mai Tai’s. Now that is out of the way, let me tell you about a future network marketing superstar that appeared right before my eyes just a few minutes ago

Accidental Network Marketing

I was shoveling my property, cars and bordering neighbor’s walkways …shameless plug for what a great guy I am but not directly related to the story 🙂 . When I saw 3 kids coming down the street with shovels in hand, talking loudly about how much money they were going to make digging people out…good network marketing right?

It was nice and early so they should get the worm, I watched them knock from door to door but nobody was answering. Network marketing has lots of no’s and so does life, these kids got discouraged and left our street after 4 doorbell rings. I’ve seen many people dabble in network marketing and bail out just like these kids, they probably went to another street and used the same approach and I have no idea if they enjoyed later success or not.

A Different Network Marketing Approach

I saw a lone kid who lived on our street start shoveling his house and the elderly neighbors walkway too. The neighbor came out and offered him money, the kid refused but this lady would not take no for an answer. I don’t know what profit this kid made but I do know that I saw 2 other people come out of their houses and asked this teen to shovel their properties as well.

Network Marketing System

What happened next was the icing on the frozen cake, he went into his garage and pulled out a gas powered snow blower and within minutes he had more customers than he could ever have hoped for. Now the noise from his work was his advertising and everybody knew this kid and felt comfortable hiring him.

The amazing thing is that the same people who 15 minutes earlier were not even answering their doors were now begging this kid to take their money and hot chocolate as an extra bonus. His network marketing strategy was much quieter, he was giving away value as he did not shovel the first house looking for money and the neighbors knew who he was.

The first bunch of kids talked about how much money and success they were going to have and beat their chests but gave up quickly and probably would never prospect my street again. They had no connection with our street and did not try to make one. This solo kid has something in him that will definitely make him successful in whatever he decides to do, an mlm leader in the making.

Now Grab A Shovel And Get To Work And If You Want Access To A Network Marketing Snow Blower Then Click Below.

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5 Responses to If Network Marketing Gives You A Snow Storm Then Make A Snowman

  1. Hi Dominick,

    “Now the noise from his work was his advertising.” That’s it. Napoleon Hill said tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.

    The kid made a connection with the people in your neighborhood and money flowed his way in increasing amounts.

    Thanks for sharing the apt analogy and yes, I just finished shoveling myself in North Jersey 😉


  2. Rob Loomis says:

    Great word pictures.
    A true example of people doing network marketing without even knowing it.
    Sometimes doing good stuff for people without an agenda is the best way to make your millions.

    BTW… I live in Michigan, 15 degrees outside, expecting 2-4 inches of snow today.
    Take care

  3. Hi Dominic. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just looked at your blog and not only is it full of valuable content but it’s awesome to get round too. Can I pick your brains about what you did? Mine feels a little cluttered and clumsy to me. Thanks. Kerry.

  4. Dominick says:

    Ryan, you are correct, people do notice when you are actually accomplishing a task rather than just talking about how to do it. I am a chef by trade and I always showed my team how to create a dish, I never assumed they could do it or knew what I was talking about.
    Uh Oh ….North Jersey, sounds like Giants country. Never would have figured it, you are such a humble, giving person. Just Kidding.

    Lift with your legs when shoveling (not that I need to give you fitness tips)
    Talk to you soon.

  5. Steven Dean says:

    I had my very own personal experience with this Dominick. Funny how you witnessed this and made a story all from it.

    I would first go and ask the people I knew personally could I shovel their snow, which was considered my warm market. And sometimes I would go and shovel some people I didn’t even know out of common courtesy or for the elderly. By me doing this I gained some friendships and a good reputation for helping around the neighborhood without asking for anything in return; but a simple thank you would be good for my hard earned work.

    Eventually just like those boys I would receive a small payment for my work. As the snow came filled the streets so did my wallet. Its funny that the people who said no to them actually probably wanted to say yes in the first place. But just because everyone else was saying yes and he had a easier way of shoveling the snow they were compelled to do so. People just don’t know what they want I tell ya. Very entertaining story there. Wish I had a snow blower. I had to break my back doing it. They were holding out with there secret weapon. LOL

    Steven Dean

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