Network Marketing It’s All A Show

In Network Marketing It’s Not Who You Know But Who You Show!

There is an old saying in the business world that it is not who you know but it’s who you … (I’ll let you fill in the blanks). When I was introduced to network marketing I started to think that the same thing was true. The leaders in my company were touted all over the place and had the spotlight on full blast.

As the months went by I saw that these people were still relevant and living the good life but there were always new names that started popping up. People who might have only been in this business for a year or two but now were developing their own products, building their own empires and sharing the stage with the other superstars.

It was then that I realized it’s not who you know but it is who you show. This business is about making connections, building relationships and showing people how to make a better life for themselves. This is not just selling it is about personal development and showing others what you have learned and how to duplicate your success.

The more people you can touch in this industry and share your successes with, the more people you can help. Network marketing is built on helping many other people get what they want and that in turn will help you get what you want. Treat everyday like it is Show and Tell, let others decide if they are interested or not and one day you might be in the spotlight as well.

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  1. Aaron Hardy says:

    Dominick, I love this post…Thanks for reminding me what I need to be doing building my business.

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