Network Marketing Scam

Network Marketing is a thriving, recession resistant industry that has provided many people the ability to become independent of their boss, desk, traffic, schedule or other daily burdens that made them miserable. Unfortunately there are good and bad opportunities in all businesses, so how do you know if you found your next big thing or you are about to latch onto one of the “bad guys” who are out to take your money? You’ve got that burning excitement inside of you but make sure you do your homework because nothing will bum you out worse than realizing your primary opportunity has vanished from existence.

Your Business Is You

You’ll get sick of hearing me and the other Network Marketing leaders say this but promote yourself as an authority before you promote your opportunity. People want to follow successful people and if you ooze success people will gravitate towards you even if you are changing your opportunity. This doesn’t mean that you are going to just disregard all the warning signs of a bad opportunity but even good businesses can have their down turns, build your team and your presence and you will succeed.

Who And Where?

Check the company’s website for a real address, the more information the better and phone numbers are great too. If you’re in the neighborhood you can drive by but Google Street View will show you the actual property…hopefully it’s not somebody’s daughter’s tree house. What about the owners? Do they have their names a and smiley faces available in case they burn you? You might run into them at the local Wal-Mart…if they are legit they should be happy to be seen around town.

Cash and Carry?

A legit company shouldn’t be asking for cash, checks or money orders only. The safer bet is to go with businesses who accept credit cards or PayPal, this way you can have an opportunity to dispute any unauthorized charges or issues you have if they don’t deliver what they promise. You should be able to buy into any MLM for less than $500, in some states you must apply for a business opportunity license if it exceeds $500, plus there are plenty of great companies for under “2 Bills”.

Look It Up

Go online and Google any MLM company and their owners with the word scam after it and see what comes up. Look through a couple of pages, see if there is a consistent pattern of good or bad comments…remember some people who failed because they wanted to get rich quick and not put in the time and effort have an axe to grind. Network Marketing is about planting seeds, growing relationships and working hard, it’s not for everybody (slackers need not apply).

Promises, Promises

If you find a company, partner, leader or system that guarantees you success, run for the hills. There are no guarantees about how much return you will acquire on your money and effort. They can show you what other people have accomplished but that doesn’t mean you will….you can but you aren’t guaranteed to do it. If a company makes promises about their product be very skeptical, nutrition companies aren’t allowed to guarantee weight – loss, cancer – cures etc., they can discuss what individuals have encountered and their own studies have found. The same thing with precious metals, they can talk about past performance not what the future will bring.

Who Do You Recommend?

Weren’t you paying attention? Did you position yourself as a leader by doing your homework and showing what you know? Have you looked at companies, their history and ownership? If you are interested in learning more about Network Marketing and how to plant the seeds for success let me know, the more information you have the better decisions you can make.

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