Network Marketing Scam?

Network Marketers

Are Home Based Businesses a Scam

Have you ever looked into network marketing opportunities, know somebody who has looked into it them or read something about them? If so you most likely have also seen or heard some negative comments along with them, it’s just the nature of the beast if you do something that isn’t main stream then you are going to have detractors. I know because I was definitely one of them and still approach all opportunities with skepticism.

We Are Creatures Of Habit

My father is a butcher who worked every holiday and weekend; he worked two jobs so he was up early and home late. I went to culinary school, became a chef and worked every holiday; weekend and yes I started a personal chef business to do in my spare time. Does this sound like a pattern? It is in my DNA to work hard and I believed that I needed to work long hours to “earn my worth” and I can thank my “genetic up-line” for that (grandfather was a hard working butcher too). It took me to stop those old habits and start some new better ones for my “genetic down-line” (those would be my 3 wonderful kids).

Network Marketers and MLM Are A Cult

You always hear that these businesses are built on the low-level members and the top gets rich. Well you do make more money as you add people under you but this is a replicated process. Every job usually follows the business model where you can make more money by gaining seniority, getting promoted or buying the company. Unfortunately this can take years or decades and you may never get enough equity to buy a business the way things are going in this economy. The ones who call this industry a cult are usually the ones who didn’t succeed because they found it “diffi-cult”, yes boys and girls this is not an easy career path and if you try to create your own game plan you will be more likely to make more mistakes and are more likely to fail.

If You Succeed Then I Succeed

This is the unique part of this business, I make more money when I help you in your business and you recruit more people. The more people I help you sign up, the more dollars I earn. The quicker I get you to learn, automate and duplicate a system the quicker I make big profits. Team building is the only way network marketing works and if that’s a cult then count me in.

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