Network Marketing Global Warming

Network Marketing Warm MarketIs Your Network Marketing Warm Market Cold As Ice?

It doesn’t matter what your primary business is, I can almost guarantee that you were instructed to target your warm market…this would be your friends, family, 2nd grade teacher and anybody else who remotely remembers you. This is a good starting strategy but how popular are you and more importantly how popular will you be when you go through that list? Multiple times.

Use The Network Marketing Heater

The Internet is your equalizer, the old days when people got involved in direct selling they had no choice but to approach everybody they ever knew. This is still effective but used in tandem with attraction marketing, your mlm blog and strategic advertising can extend your marketing reach by leaps and bounds.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

You can have a local and global warm market if you position yourself as a leader, provide value and give a solution to a problem. This is how you leverage the Internet but you have to be knowledgeable because there is a lot of competition out there. I hate to say it but it is not that hard to gain knowledge in network marketing, there are great resources out there but you have to immerse yourself in the subject.

Melt The Network Marketing Polar Caps

If you extend your network marketing warm market, build your brand and develop relationships you will get closer to attracting financial freedom and independence. The more you communicate with your network of like minded individuals, the higher you will set your mlm thermostat and the more people you can help along the way.

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4 Responses to Network Marketing Global Warming

  1. Steven Dean says:

    I certainly hope not. LOL. Didn’t know you were a weatherman Dominick. You never seem to stop to amaze me. From chef to weatherman.

    Like you said back in the olden days door to door sales or direct marketing was the only way to go at the time, and its still effective; if you know how to go about approaching the situation. But now that technology is has helped reached our target market; now marketing couldn’t have been a bit more easier.

    Becoming a leader and offering value is the way to go, while building relationships with others on a constant basis. Thanks for sharing this Dominick and thanks for the update on the local weather channel. Nice touch

    Steven Dean

    • Dominick says:

      Stevie D. , you didn’t know I was a meteorologist? You hit those points right on the head, build the relationships and the rest falls into place. Nice hearing from you as always.


  2. Rob Loomis says:

    Good advice Dominick,
    What a major shift in the last 20 years.
    I know, back in the day I used to knock on doors. Today, my friends and neighbors are still wondering what I do. It is much easier being approached then to approach. With the internet and the knowledge that is available the possibilities are endless.

    You Friend,

    • Dominick says:

      You are right Rob, I’m not sure if I would have gotten into this business 20 years ago. I definitely think leveraging the internet helped me be more comfortable in network marketing. It’s funny you say your neighbors don’t understand what you do…I don’t think my wife does either. She just knows that it makes us money and doesn’t get involved with the other stuff. Have a great day.


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