Network Marketing Is Like A Girlfriend

How is network marketing like a girlfriend?

I made a video going through the similarities I noticed between network marketing and a girlfriend. Its actually not gender specific, it can be a boyfriend or girlfriend.

It really has more to do with how we react and handle ourselves in certain periods of our lives and can also be applied in our personal lives as well.

If you have any thoughts on this video please comment and share. Have a great day.



One Response to Network Marketing Is Like A Girlfriend

  1. Hi Dom,

    SO true! Smart analogy.

    The beginning is off the chain, full of excitement. Then you need to add fuel to the fire.

    This point separates the successful home biz crowd – and successful relationships – with others.

    Get more serious, dive in, get clear on what you want, and you can see success domestically, and in the network marketing game.

    Smart post!!!

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