The DNA Of Network Marketing

network marketingThe Network Marketing Gene

Did you know that even if you’ve never heard of it before you have probably participated in some form of network marketing. If you haven’t ever signed up for a network marketing company you most likely still have generated leads before. Do you remember that super – duper hold hair spray that you told your sister-in-law that she must have or the cologne that your cousin Vinnie wears and tells you it is a stone cold lock to pick up the chicks these recommendations were a form of network marketing?

Can I Get Retro Pay For All Those Network Marketing Referrals?

Everyday somebody refers a business or service but 90% of the time they are not making any money from it. The reason that a referral is so powerful is because you are getting an opinion from somebody you like and somebody you already have a relationship with. We are much more likely to frequent a doctor, mechanic, butcher or other service recommended from a trusted source or at the minimum somebody you are familiar with. If you get that warm and fuzzy vibe from a person you are more likely to do business with them.

Where Is The Market Of Networks At?

Network Marketing is a very broad term and in itself is not an industry but actually a method of distribution. It also goes by the name direct selling and it is used by many industries which include but are not limited to travel, nutrition, toys, insurance and household goods. The industry is over a $100 billion dollars a year and always growing worldwide. This is a business that has no ceiling and gives people the flexibility to earn a little or a lot and truly follows the “you get out what you put in” philosophy.

Why Does Network Marketing Appeal To So Many People?

Network Marketing is like the girl who has the brains and the beauty with a heart of gold. You would guess that the only lure to this industry is money and while that is a key factor there are different selling points to getting into this business. Many people don’t like going to the office, some people don’t wanna answer to the man while others like to just tell people they are the boss. There are also people who enjoy the fact that they can assemble a team of people who are similar to them and also be looked upon as a leader in their industry. This industry praises their leaders, many primary businesses have conventions where they focus on the “top dogs” and sing their praises. Many give vacations and cars for being the #1 earner and yes that is in addition to a great income…what other business offers that type of incentive?

How Do I Become A Trusted Resource And Get People To Seek Me Out?

The key is to you have to build a relationship with people, even though you will want to tell the whole world about what you want to sell and hit as many potential customers as you can in a short time…don’t do it. If you really are looking to be an authority on promoting yourself, you have to study and research the business and I don’t meant the organization you are joining. You have to study the art of network marketing, the ability to build relationships that will last no matter what product you are selling, this is how you build a sustainable career in this sustainable industry. You will build a network of people who will duplicate your philosophy and be a reflection of you….kind of like your little elves.

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  1. Steven Dean says:

    You are so right Dominick, We always were marketer’s at heart even when we never realized it by influencing others to try it without money even being involved. But now we have that opportunity to do those things and make a profit. Money is the starting result of us wanting to get involved in this. But I’m sure it goes so much further than just making money. I really enjoy this kind of business and would never give it up for anything among other things. Thanks for sharing Buddy

    Steven Dean

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