My Network Marketing Company Called My Mother A Liar

Numis Network

Numis Network Is Talking Trash

I couldn’t believe it but a couple of weeks ago Numis Network literally called my mother a liar. It didn’t stop there because they also went on to rebuke what my father, grandmother, aunts and uncles had also taught me as a child.

I come from the city of Philadelphia and usually something like this would bring up some very unsavory emotions out of me. Family is supposed to be the most important thing in your life but I actually agree with Numis Network and their claim.

I know you must think that I have fallen victim to the infamous network marketing cult and that I am about as stable as Charlie Sheen at the Playboy mansion. Yes I am a big proponent of network marketing, I do believe that direct selling is the best opportunity for somebody who wants to own a business. I know I will become very rich from Numis Network and I will positively affect a lot of people along the way but I have not sold my soul to the devil.

The Numis Network Guarantee

You probably wanted to know what exactly they said about my loved one’s philosophy. My mother always said that there are NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. Numis Network clearly disagrees with them because they are offering a 100% Guarantee and it is in writing, on the Internet and video recorded.

Numis Network is a company that sells collectible gold and silver coins; they also offer people a chance to become an independent representative. You will have an opportunity to purchase coins at a favorable rate but also earn income directly selling and recruiting other people to directly sell their product.

Numis Network Takes It Back

It does not matter what my family believes, Numis Network is guaranteeing to buy back all of their coins that are part of the auto ship program. What this means is that if you decide that collectible coins are not for you and you want to make your money back then Numis Network will buy them back at full price after 5 years. This is unheard of in network marketing or any other business that I know of, try returning your car after 5 years and get a full refund.

If you are interested in learning more about Numis Network and what they can offer you, visit my Numis Network website. Please come back often to my mlm blog for updates.

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