The Birth Of A Network Marketing Career

www.mlmchef.netIf you are like 90% of all other network marketers (me included) you got started because somebody referred you and you either felt the passion in their soul or the extra money they were making with what you saw as being very little effort. In the beginning you didn’t have the foresight to search for a perfect opportunity and a system to market that opportunity. It was more of a sign up and start talking to friends and family hoping they sign up and get the momentum going. The replicated websites and cool looking videos seemed like a good deal but what about support after you join and just as important the support you need for your down-line so they can grow your team. If they get frustrated, they quit and you lose out on their earning potential and the “fire” that most newcomers have but can lose very quickly if left all alone.

Here are a few bumps in the road that most of encountered and yes they are just minor issues that with the right guidance can be overcome:

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone – You might not be a movie starlet or a newspaper reporter but video marketing and article writing / blogging are important to get your original content in front of prospects…..remember we want them looking for you so your info has to be out there.

Career Balancing Act – Most of us had to do our network marketing part-time and still work our “regular” full-time job, you’re not the only one who has ever done it but you have to be efficient. The internet can either be a useful tool or a “Clock Vampire” that will suck the minutes from your day…do what you have to do and move on.

Not Hitting Your Goals – The reason you set goals is so you will push yourself and also see what progress you have made. If you aren’t hitting them you might have to change your game plan. You can’t harvest the field before you sow the seeds. This is where your up- line or mentors come into play.

I Miss My Friends – Stop crying, you will have to replace your spare time with learning and implementing systems, following up and promoting yourself but listen your friends probably got sick of always paying for your broke ass when you went out. Get your business rolling and they will be tickled pink to have their new and improved self-funded drinking partner back.

Friends and Family Laugh At You – It’s real simple, network marketing has had a rocky past and not necessarily by its own doing. It is a concept different than what our “genetic up-line” (our parents) are used to. It’s ok for them to laugh because when you use the right systems and promote yourself as the industry expert, people come looking for you. The chase has been reversed and now your comical friends and family want in on the action, of course we let them join but make sure you explain how much money they missed out on during their laughing party.

I Had To Invest Some Money – Every opportunity has a different compensation plan and cost involved but did you get any return on that investment. If you have an auto ship is it something that you can utilize? If Joe signed up with company “XYZ” that makes great bras but he has to commit to $200 worth of these lovely garments…then yes it might be tough to justify. If it is a product that you can use, collect or easily resell and get value for then you are on the right track. If there is a system that costs you a fee but it has the ability to give you a way to promote yourself, make sure it is something that is worth the money….but remember if you don’t put in the work none of this will matter. These are tools to make you a successful business person but the results are based on your work and desire.

You Are The Product – I will always tell you that in order to make a sustainable network marketing venture, you have to promote yourself first. If you only talk about your product you will not be looked at as a leader in the network marketing world. You will be an associate of the company and if that was what you were looking to do why did you leave your 9-5 job? You will just be an employee of that company and if the need for that product dries up…so does your income. If you are an expert in network marketing people can look to you for guidance regardless of what product they believe in. It’s all about DNA – Developing – Network – Acumen.

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