Your Network Marketing Bloodline you ever look thru the paper and see pure bred dogs and the astronomical price tags associated with them? In the animal kingdom that is all that matters, where the animal came from. In network marketing that is only half of the equation, It is very important who your up line is. I’m not just talking about the very top guy in your team but what about your sponsor what kind of mentor will they be for you?

What MLM Breed Are You?

When picking your primary business, the one that all of your self-promoting groundwork is going to benefit from you want to check the bloodline of the company, you are checking; the company and how strong is it, potential growth and momentum, does the product fill a need and yes of course the compensation plan. It can pay out the best but if you can’t sell the product because nobody wants it or you don’t have support…you still make ZERO. Is your sponsor willing to give you the support you need and how about their sponsor?

The Hybrid Network Marketer

If you are like me you had a mutt for a dog growing up but he was your dog and he was as big a part of the family as my sisters (sorry guys). That’s how I approach this business, I latched on to the top earner in my company and we had a relationship before we ever talked business. He would say “hey nice blog” or maybe tweak this, at the time there was no vested interest. I was interested but didn’t inquire yet because I wanted to see if this was an act or the real deal. Well I joined so you know the answer, my company’s bloodline was important to me but you also need the people who will get in the trenches with you, if you trip they pick you up. If you are left out there by yourself you will most likely fail, I am connected to the #1 earner in the most talked about direct selling company today but I also plant my sustainable network marketing seeds and help anybody and everybody who asks whether they make me money right now or not. I am the hybrid, I’m built for toughness and durability, I take control of my team and sometimes use outside the box strategies but also utilize the proven techniques that made my mentor the top earner. If you are interested in hearing my leader on a private training webinar with no obligation to you tonight at 8pm, I need you to inbox me on facebook  here! and I will send you the link. He is fired up and you won’t want to miss it.

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