Are Network Marketers Prejudiced?

Network marketing has carried a few stigmas in its past. We have all heard of the pyramid scheme moniker that many have attached to this industry. I have also heard people explain that only the select “chosen ones” are able to make money in this industry and even heard people say that these companies are all involved with bilking us out of cash. I can deal with these issues but once I heard that there was a wide spread prejudice that was affecting all of the companies in network marketing….I had to reconsider my position with this career path.

I had to investigate because I am not a conspiracy guy for the most part. I started to look at my organization…my up line and ask some probing questions, I was not going to back off. I also went to some leaders of other companies and became a nuisance with them as well, like a pit bull I would not let down. The shocking part is that many of the names that you are familiar with in some very relevant companies in MLM openly admitted to having been prejudiced. I did not only question a certain race, color or creed of Network Marketers I asked them all. If I could single out whom these perpetrators were I could still participate in this business that I have grown to love, I just might have to change allegiances.

When I spoke with these people I realized that I was a hypocrite because I also was very prejudiced as well. The people who know me very well will be shocked to hear this because of how I live my life but actually they were some of the people I was prejudiced against. You see, in network marketing it is about sharing your story, inviting people to see what you are doing and offering them an opportunity to also participate.

I was instructed to make a list of my warm market and let them know what I was involved in but I was afraid they would judge me or laugh. I pre-judged many of them and assumed they would not want to become an entrepreneur, drastically change their lives and in essence build an empire for their family. I was in adtually taking an opportunity from them because of what was in my own head and realized that my friend who finally introduced me to this business had done the same thing.

This was a common story among many network marketing leaders; they did not become successful until they overcome their prejudice. I learned to not be so pompous as to think that I should select who is worthy to learn about something that can be the game changer in their lives. I have seen people go bankrupt or collect unemployment and never thought about offering them a solution. That is a tough thing to look back on but now I realize that Network Marketers are prejudiced…well at least the unsuccessful ones are.

Leave your information if you would like to learn how to overcome your prejudice and be successful in the last great opportunity in the free enterprise system.


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3 Responses to Are Network Marketers Prejudiced?

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Overcoming my prejudices about working at home was my biggest block.

    I was a skeptic. Yes, me 😉 I figured most network marketers were crooks or scam artists, or downright greedy. I had so much crap to cut through before prospering in this industry.

    We each hold viewpoints, some of which don’t serve us. The trick is to ID these limiting beliefs surrounding our businesses of life in general, release them and replace with positive, affirming thoughts which create an abundant environment in our fertile minds.

    Thanks for sharing Dominick!


  2. So many of us can relate to pre-judging at some point in our lives. One simply must recognize and take action to change that, just like you did. Excellent post Dominick! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Dominick,

    Not much more to say that Ryan and Brian haven’t already, but it is a momentous point in time when we can see beyond our own noses and realize that it really doesn’t matter who we speak to. Everybody has a dream! Thanks for the post.

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