Do You Network Inline As Well As Online?

Get Off Your Phone And Network

The internet brings many opportunities to us daily and we have the chance to reach out further than at any other time in history. Almost everybody is online at some point during the day but with the holidays here there as even more people in line. Standing in lines at the grocery store, waiting for picture with Santa, the bank and the mall just to name a few.

If you’ve been paying attention to everything that goes on in the economy and how we talk about the transfer of wealth, retail operations are one of the largest transfers of wealth going on this time of year. Where else will you find soo many people with credit card in hand looking to make a purchase? This is the largest pool of cash spending fish physically gathered in one place that you are going to find and they have already justified to themselves and their families that they will be spending money and lots of it.

You may already know some of these people and if you don’t why are you not talking to them? Get the conversation going and find out what they do for a living, what their interests are and have your business card and story (short) ready for when the conversation turns to you. You have 4 minutes of their undivided attention which is more than you have if somebody stumbles upon your website. This is your free pay per click advertisement; you laser targeted people who are spending money so make yourself interesting in a jiffy. Make sure your card has something catchy on it, your web/blog address and phone number, you can even have a special landing page for people who you have given this card to which will target them even more. Give it a try and don’t forget to have an in line presence.

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  1. Shonda says:

    Great article. Great reminder for all the face time we will have this season.

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