3 Miles From Snow

3 Miles From Snow

Finding Nemo?

This weekend we had some crazy weather, the East Coast got pounded by snow and as usual my kids were geared up for a wintery wonderful day filled with sledding, shoveling and snowy shenanigans.

The coast did get some hard core blasts….New England got rocked and parts of New Jersey got a good dose of the white stuff. Much to my kids dismay we only received a dusting….hardly enough to frolic in, let alone break out the snow blower. When I talked to a co-worker just a little more than 3 miles away, I learned that they had over 4 inches accumulated. It seems that when we were receiving freezing rain last night the temperatures were a little cooler the next town over and was dumping some fluffy flakes.

When Did I Become A Meteorologist?

I really never get caught up in the news or the weather but my kids felt like they were so close to greatness. They also felt robbed that they didn’t get to play in the snow like other kids so close.

Does this sound familiar? Did you ever feel like others are the ones having all the fun and success in their business? It’s been said that people who work hard in their business are usually the closest to success when they quit.

DID you hear what I said?

If you are complaining about not having success, first check you activities. Some people don’t have success because they just don’t put in the work. If you are honest with yourself, do you really approach your business in a serious manner? Is it a focus everyday or is it a hobby that you hope will payoff just by joining a program?

Stop hoping that you will be selected as the next top earner in your company and start doing what is expected of successful entrepreneur. This business is all about failing your way to winning, 97 percent of people have very little if any success. You might have a mlm blog, affiliate offers or video training but if you aren’t consistent you will not get results.

The top dogs in this industry have many failures, whether its not enough op-tins, conversions, sales or recruiting. The difference is they don’t quit because they know they are very close to having success. So just remember that even though you didn’t get a blizzard this time, there could be another fun filled storm on the horizon.

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  1. Brad says:

    Hey Dominick, excellent point you make here in regards to most ppl quitting right before they break through.

    I know it’s easy to assume your efforts aren’t working – and never will – but like you said, it’s the top earners who simply persevere, keep plugging along, failing their way forward…

    … and finally, cracking the code.

    Everybody forgets about their 5-year (or more) struggle BEFORE the breakthrough occurred 😉

    Great stuff, keep going man!


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