Napoleon Bonaparte, Dynamite or Complex?

Little Dude With Big Dreams

Napoleon Bonaparte was the emperor of France from 1804 to 1815. He was the second of eight children and was the runt of the litter. Mr. Bonaparte was born in Corsica, had a very distinct accent that his classmates teased him about which caused him to bury his face in books. Today he is considered by some as the greatest military commander of all time.

He overcame his height and speech “flaws” to become a true leader and conqueror. He was notorious for attacking the weakest frontline positions of an enemy and envelop them but if there were two opposing forces banding together he would split them at the hinge. Divide and Conquer. Do you see some of these attributes in the people you model your business after?

napoleon complex

The Dynamite Effect

Napoleon Dynamite is a fictional character based on a high school nerd who had low ambitions and not much going for him. He was a daydreamer that pretty much avoided interaction with his peers. People viewed him as the prototypical dork and he would associate with similar personality types.

The movie ends up being a feel good story when the explosive but nerdy Dynamite puts himself in an uncomfortable position to help a friend out who was struggling. His friend’s pain became so great that he had to overcome his fears to help him out.

Napoleon Complex Is Really Quite Simple

The term napoleon complex is used to describe a person who feels inferior to others because they are smaller in stature. There are two common results from this complex. The first is to plow your way to greatness regardless of what anyone thinks and the other is to shrink and fade into obscurity. Which one of these produces a better result for your business and life?

The ghosts of physical, financial, educational and sociological past are irrelevant. Today is the start of your future. You can get lost in the shuffle or you can outgrow the plan that “others” have set for you. The sky is not the limit but actually a checkpoint to take a breather and view the scenery…keep pushing forward and bring as many people with you that you can. It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. 
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2 Responses to Napoleon Bonaparte, Dynamite or Complex?

  1. Hi Dominick,

    I’ve read a number of autobiographies on Napoleon. Really interesting dude, beyond the massive military success he experienced.

    When faced with perceived slights you can shy away or push forward. Napoleon, the conquerer, chose to plow forward. He smashed through resistance. To become successful mimic the great ones. Forge forward no matter what, and resistance surrenders to your will every time.

    Become excited when facing resistance. Your goal is close, for as the resistance increases the goal is near. Forge forward!

    Thanks for sharing your insight Dominick.


  2. Dominick says:


    I am in total agreement that things become more difficult as you get closer to your goal, so many people quit and never realize that the “end” was closer than they thought.

    I also read that Napoleon wasn’t quite as short as he is perceived today. He was around 5’6″ (which back then was just below average) but he was also partly responsible for making the metric system more main stream to his country.

    This may have been responsible for him “getting the short end of the stick” when they translated his official statistics and may have added to his lure.

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