When MLM’s Attack

When MLM’s Attack


mlms attack

I always believe in the philosophy that people join people and not companies. It is proven that a real benefit in working from home is that you can choose who you work with.

With that being said, you need to be careful of your company policies and TOS. This does not just apply to home businesses, I have had to sign non-compete agreements from restaurants that stated I could not work in a rival restaurant within a certain radius (even after I no longer am employed there)

Many home business owners take their businesses online, so the geographical compromises aren’t usually a factor but they often frown upon using non-traditional methods of recruiting. Another big problem could be promoting services or programs regardless of whether or not it is directly competing with their business.

The landscape of network marketing has changed greatly over the past decade and the technologically savvy marketers want to diversify their income. Make sure that your company is in tune with your goals, the last thing you want is to feel restricted or smothered.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences below 🙂

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