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MLM Business Holding Pattern

Is your MLM Prospecting in a Holding Pattern Because You are Waiting to be Perfect?

Are you waiting to start video, blogging, belly to belly or any other type of mlm prospecting  because you think you are going to be better at mlm prospecting tomorrow than you are today….well keep waiting and keep dreaming. The truth is you will get better at mlm prospecting once you do it and more importantly once you have to realize that perfection is something we strive for but will never attain and that’s ok.

Flawed MLM Prospecting Is Personal.

If I waited till I was on par with George Clooney than this video doesn’t get made. If I waited to be the perfect dad, I wouldn’t have my three children in my life. If I didn’t start cooking till I was the perfect chef…I’d be pretty hungry right now. Hey let’s face it if my beloved Philadelphia Eagles didn’t take the field till they were the perfect super-bowl team, I would have never seen a football game.

MLM Prospecting and Magnetic Sponsoring

We are practicing Attraction Marketing and when we are MLM Prospecting, we need people to join us and that means feeling comfortable with who we are and mlm prospecting. If we are perfect and look too unapproachable we will never build a following of like minded individuals and create the perfect team for success.

Since 99.999% of us are imperfect, that is who I will gravitate to and I’ll let the highly produced, make up wearing, teleprompter reading, out of touch people look for others who are just as perfect as they are. So get your imperfect butt in front of your imperfect camera and contribute to your imperfect blog because hustle and hunger beat knowledge and complacency every time.

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