Revenge Of The Nerds

mlm prospectingToday I heard this commercial on the radio for Mountain Dew or maybe the diet version of the drink and it made me laugh. I don’t know the exact script but it went something like this; there was a guy and a girl who were marketing this previously spoken about soft drink.

The girl was excited that she had found success in spreading the word about this bubbly drink to people but the nerdy technical guy interrupted her. He scientifically told her about his blogging, market research yada yada and he asks her “is that what you did too” ? Then the enthusiastic girl’s voice changed to a matter of fact tone and said no “I just told everybody it tastes good”.

Are You A Prospecting Nerd?

This totally cracked me up because I used to do the same thing. I would get all jacked up about the latest product to come down the pike and how my google algorithm code cracking study was going to generate endless leads. I would study and get the “MLM Gurus Greatest Hits” but forget one important thing. Let everybody know how great it tastes. (not literally)

There are things to help you rank higher, make Google like you more and have that sexy Alexa put you higher in her black book. The only problem is that if nobody likes you then they will not do business with you and even worse, if people know nothing about you then they won’t work with you either.

Sometimes all you need to do is have a conversation, the good old word of mouth approach. The Internet can be your mouthpiece, you can talk to people online but it still comes down to relationship building. MLM Prospecting will come down to people knowing you, what you believe in and how you conduct yourself.

My suggestion is to of course try and get maximum exposure but make sure you are really exposing yourself (minds out of the gutter please). Magnifying an unattractive photo doesn’t make it any better looking so Photo shop that picture then bring attention to it. A hybrid approach combining viral and traditional methods of prospecting is the way to go.

I hope you have enjoyed my mlm blog and if you would like more info on mlm prospecting and the tools I use to help me generate leads, please leave your information to the right.

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