Leave Your Failure Behind


Keep Your Failures Behind You

It doesn’t matter what you like to do in life, what you consider yourself good at or what level of expertise you have. The fact is that you have failed at some point along the way and more importantly because of your failures you are better today then you were yesterday.
It’s important to keep your failures behind you but I think it is also imperative to remember those stumbling blocks. Mistakes are our biggest learning tools and also a great measuring stick to see much we have grown. Our life’s failures also have a direct relation to attraction marketing, if you see a person who is making similar mistakes in their life as you did it will be a prime lead in to mentoring and helping that person grow.
Self development is a life long journey and along the way you will take on learning and teaching roles. If you take on a mentoring role without expecting anything in return you will be rewarded exponentially and enjoy a fulfillment beyond what you could have ever imagined.
I always put the past behind me but I do take a glance up into my rear view mirror just to remind myself where I came from and to make sure I don’t repeat the things that threw me off track. There’s nothing wrong with failure and it can be very powerful when you share it with others.
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