MLM Duplication Or Imitation?

mlm duplicationMLM Duplication Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

MLM duplication is a little different from Imitation. The old saying is that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I believe that MLM duplication is how you succeed. Imitation is only skin deep, it is limited and really does not contribute to the learning process whereas mlm duplication will develop your skills and mindset.

What Is MLM Duplication?

I could grow my hair long, do a massive comb-over and tell everybody “YOU’RE FIRED” but that would not make me successful like Donald Trump. If I went and bought his book, studied his business model and implemented his successful strategies I would have a better chance of duplicating his success. MLM duplication is very similar to this example, just making my home based business look like somebody else is not enough.

Create MLM Duplication Using A Proven System

Making your business look successful won’t make it successful, building your business to be successful will. Using a proven lead generation system, mlm blog that strengthens your brand and easy duplication (mlm duplication) will be key to your success. The inner workings of your business is what you need to imitate not necessarily somebody’s look or feel. More substance and the style will shine through.

Just remember mlm duplication does not mean that you copy word for word another persons thoughts, you are just going to follow their example and dress it up to be unique to you….people do business with people. Remember? MLM duplication beats imitation hands down.

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2 Responses to MLM Duplication Or Imitation?

  1. Very true regarding the difference between imitation and duplication. It’s important to follow examples that work by plugging into a system that’s in place, but to do so with your own uniqueness or authenticity. Great post Dominick!

  2. Dominick says:

    Thanks Brian…or Felicia? You guys do a great job of putting your mark on your business and making it unique. I love your blog and fan page.
    Talk to you later.


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