Will People Join You In A Down Economy

Have you ever come across the price objection when you are discussing the possibility of somebody joining your business? Do you offer a service that would benefit somebody but they are “flat broke”? I want to let you in on a little secret…the price objection is prominent in all professions. More importantly it is overcome in all professions.

Get Broke People To Join Your Business

Ever Notice:

  • People can’t afford to go to the dentist but when the piercing, sleep depriving, throbbing pain occurs they want to be in the front of the line for a ride in the dentist chair.
  • People don’t need a checkup but when a funny rash develops on a noticeable part of their body they want a phone conference with the best doctors from Helsinki to “make it go away”
  • The car makes a funny noise but “we can’t waste money” to have it looked at. 2 months later they are pushing it in for a “great trade in price” for a new (inflated) 60 month car payment.

Pain Equals Priority

Each of these scenarios has a common thread…PAIN. Root canals, “emergency” doctor’s visits and inflated trade-in values (while overpaying for the new car) were the result of pain. Some of it was physical, some vanity and others luxury but they all were the catalyst to magically produce money that wasn’t there.

Do you have to search out an automobile-less, blotchy and toothless prospect to have success? No it’s just important to realize that you and 98% of the population can afford to make a purchase if it is something that will help them personally or professionally.

Increase the value and the benefits you offer and you will increase your success. People like to spend money and more importantly people LOVE to receive value. Are you offering training, tools and solutions? Are you a resource for your prospects and can you simplify the process for them. Fear of the unknown is very common but if you can take the surprise out of the process you can make the newest of newbies feel confident and ready to join you.


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4 Responses to Will People Join You In A Down Economy

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Want something badly enough, you find a way to get it.

    The no money excuse is never valid. Any functioning adult can acquire a few hundred bucks in minutes, if not seconds. The question is, what motivates them? Be the person who provides such value, these folks just can’t resist, and they will get on board.

    Or if they are in pain, be the person to listen. To explain how the benefits of your opportunity can cause the pain to go away, if the individual is willing to work with you, to become prosperous.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Dominick.


  2. Edward Yaw says:

    Great message Dominick,

    Sometimes you just have to remind folks to not let the reason they are looking for solutions be the reason they don’t get the solution.

    Great post Thanks.

  3. Darlene says:

    Hi Dominick,

    Excellent post with good content.

    It is true that we CAN find the money for whatever we want. What is our motivation?

    Sometimes the solution scares people … which in our case happens to be network marketing. We must remember that some of these people have been scammed in the past and had many people promise them the moon.

    We may have the solution but presentation of the opportunity is key. Present it properly as I was shown by Tom Big Al Schreiter and I never get objections.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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