Is Your MLM Compensation Having Constipation?

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MLM Compensation Plans Are Not Created Equal

If you are looking to join a home based business or mlm company you most likely have looked into their compensation structure as well. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I usually talk about helping others and rarely discuss the financial end of the business but the money you earn is a result of the action of helping other people succeed in their mlm business….and yes I do want to make a living as well.

In this business there are many different payout plans and some are better than others. The major problem that is encountered with these mlm compensation plans is not the actual structure of the financial rewards but it is the product, the leadership and the training that will clog up your monetary pipeline. The 2 biggest reasons that 97% of network marketers fail is because of lack of leads and running out of moolah.

My Network Marketing Plan Is Better Than Yours…I Think

If every company is bragging about their compensation plan then we should all be making money hand over fist right? Not so fast slugger, what were you doing before you joined your network marketing venture? Oh you were pumping gas, tossing pizza, mascot at the amusement park? Did I miss the part where you said you owned your own business? I didn’t think so. Alright you have the keys to the race car, now go and partake in the Indy 500. Oh, you don’t know how to drive a stick shift? Your probably not going to make it to the finish line let alone win the prize….I think they drink milk. NO MILK FOR YOU!

In network marketing the compensation is what attracts people, they get drawn in without learning anything about the business and that’s ok but you can lose money quickly and never see the mlm compensation plan start. Remember the best pay plan is no good if you can’t sell the product and recruit people to duplicate what you are doing. We’ll go back to 2nd grade math 1,000 x 0=0. I’ll take a moderate plan with a great product and training any day over something that has very little or no demand and saturated with competition.

MLM System/Training + Excellent MLM Product/Company + Compensation Plan = (:

The best equation is to use a system that will automate the network marketing process, get you into positive cash flow quickly, provide training and teach you how to apply attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring principles. Once you have that in place you want a product that has high demand, limited competition, strong leadership and compensation plan. The sum is greater than the individual parts and it is the blueprint that the top 3% who actually succeed in this business follow.

In closing while all mlm compensation plans are not created equal if you are going to succeed you will need something that is actually attainable. So before you drool over that eight-legged infinity bonus steroid induced mlm compensation plan, ask yourself if you have the knowledge and ability to sell and recruit for that company.

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