It’s Soooo Loud…I Can’t Hear You


Do You Want To Break The Sound Barrier?


Network Marketing can be a tricky thing. In the old days you would talk to your warm market and try to sell your product or idea. The concept was simple, you tell your close friends and family and they tell there friends and co-workers and the word would spread one person at a time growing your organization. The problem was that you often found out that your friends and family didn’t want to hear what you had to offer because they weren’t looking for it. You would continue to ask and it started to be just a bunch of noise. Your message got lost because the people who were in your warm market really could not care less about the product you were pushing, they saw no benefit, they shut you out and then you found yourself with nobody else to pitch your business to. This is where the 97% failure rate that we hear so much about in network marketing comes in.

Oh Great A MegaPhone

The age of the internet brought about great opportunity for network marketing but it also gave that unsuccessful warm market abuser an amplifier to spread his noise. Screaming a poorly devised message won’t make it successful, it only makes it louder and more annoying. His friends and family stopped inviting him to the parties and stopped answering their phones….well the potential business partners that you are trying to recruit are doing the same thing.

The Chase Is On

When you practice sustainable network marketing techniques you don’t chase your leads…they come to you but when you don’t utilize this system you often chase them away. The constant pitching of your product, money making ideas or next big thing without getting to know the people you are looking to recruit is like asking a girl you just met to come home with you before asking her name. There might be somebody that will sign up for this but you will chase away the quality prospects that will ultimately bring sustainability to your network. 

You’re A Copy Cat

If you utilize a proven network marketing system and teach it to the people you recruit and they duplicate it, you will be successful. This is the marketing gene that I talk about, you find people that have the same marketing DNA as you and you build a team. I am an MLM Copy Cat, I learn from my teachers and I repeat what they taught me and tweak it to fit my situation. Introduce yourself as a network marketing professional, find those with similar interests and stand out as the best of the best….and most of all don’t be so loud. 

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