Mark Yarnell

mark yarnellWho Is Mark Yarnell?

Mark Yarnell is a 22 year veteran of the network marketing industry. Mark Yarnell has built a team of over 300,000 reps spanning 21 countries. He is also a member of the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. He is an acclaimed author of multiple books and is known for his longevity and integrity in the network marketing industry.

5 MLM Rules From Mark Yarnell

  1. Pick an mlm opportunity that matches your core values – Mark Yarnell is very animate about not compromising your principles when picking your new career path and remember this is going to be a career if you approach it the right way. Mark Yarnell said if you wouldn’t be comfortable presenting your mlm opportunity to your mama then it’s probably not the right company.
  2. MLM Opportunity must have a large enough market sector and not too much competition. It is just like anything else, there has to be a supply and demand balance. You have to be presenting an mlm opportunity that enough people will be interested in.
  3. You must perform 2 hours a day of professional relationship building a day – Mark Yarnell states that you have 22 hours a day for yourself and the other 2 hours are dedicated to professional relationship building. Mark Yarnell classifies this as something that revolves around you getting paid. The only difference between a professional network marketer and an amatuer is that the pro is getting paid.
  4. To Reach The Goal of $100,000 a month you must prospect 30 people a day 5 times a week – Mark Yarnell guarantees this will be your key to success and he knows that guarantees are taboo. This can include phone messages, facebook messages, linked-in and good old in person face to face prospecting. He says you must be proud of your mlm opportunity and self promotion is key.
  5. Last but not Least are the 10 Landmines that Mark Yarnell says will destroy you mission for success. I will list these in another post but your success in your mlm opportunity will either be destroyed or severely delayed if you fall into these traps.

These are 5 important rules defined by Mark Yarnell and although he does not say that he is the ultimate authority on network marketing success, his track record speaks for itself.

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3 Responses to Mark Yarnell

  1. Steven Dean says:

    Thanks for sharing. The key to marketing is building relationships and prospecting. Pretty simple as long as you got the leads to prospect to. Mark Yarnell seems to be a legend for the history books. Interesting story here about a great figure in marketing. Thanks for sharing

    STeven Dean

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  3. […] the Author:Mark Yarnell is a living legend in network marketing, if you would like to see more about his philosophies and […]