One Man’s Spam is Another Man’s Treasure

Go Green—–Recycle Spam!

Network marketing is about mindset, turning a positive into a negative, finding nuggets and getting value out of anything you can. I’m not a trash picker but I love to look through trash and try to make it shine.

At least when it comes to spam and I’m not just talking about when something legit accidentally ends up in there. Read the headlines and the copy on some of that stuff, It’s awesome. Somebody very skilled writes a lot of it and just because the opportunity isn’t for you doesn’t mean you can’t swipe the goods.

Go through and look at 5 pieces of junk email a day and work it into something that you can use. Whether it be a blog post, an email, affiliate advertisement or maybe your first product launch.

Network marketing is about leverage. You can leverage time, the Internet, money and other people’s creativity (don’t steal it ….recycle it). You will never run short of ideas to create content which will build your credibility, drive traffic to your site and start you on the way to building relationships.

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2 Responses to One Man’s Spam is Another Man’s Treasure

  1. LuSundra says:

    This is great! Totally NEVER thought of doing that. I am an automatic deleter! I will try this and see what happens! Great spin on things.

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks LuSandra,

      I’m not afraid to admit it…I will benefit off of anothers hard work if the opportunity presents itself. In a good way of course.

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