Making money on ebay

Making money on ebay

Making money on ebay

The process of  making money on ebay requires a couple of things.

  1. Products people want
  2. Ability for people the find the products you are selling
  3. A reliable way to get the products to the people

This may sound simple enough but there are many people who making money on ebay eludes them no matter how hard they try. If you want a quick overview of a what it takes then keep reading.

Can Making Money on Ebay Be a Reality If You Don’t Have Much To Sell?

A major issue facing even the most savvy ebay hopefuls is the ability have endless supplies of goods to push on this site. Ebay is the second most recognized commerce site in the world. It may have started as a place for people to sell trinkets and used vinyl records but it has evolved into so much more.

17 years ago the auction site was much different then it is today. People were still making money on ebay but it was more like a flea market atmosphere. Kind of like an online thrift store.

Jump ahead to present day and you will find this site full of new, refurbished and yes of course used personal items. There are sellers with tens of thousands of items sold and many more listed. I’m going to assume that these top sellers aren’t stockpiling space heaters, iPhone covers and Tickle-Me-Elmo’s in their garages. Actually I know they aren’t but we will talk more about that later.

You Won’t Be Making Money on Ebay selling Items That People Can’t Find

They say “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” . What if you have the best items for sale and nobody sees them will they ever sell? Even at the best price? NO…NO…NO.

Plain and simple, ebay is a crowded place with lots of different items, sellers, pricing and other variables. Unlike traditional business where you pay for advertising, take out ads in classifieds or have some cool dude hanging on the corner wearing a sandwich board…ebay runs a little different.

They have a system that grades sellers by rating….pretty easy, if you sell items with good customer service and keep the buyer happy, they give you a check mark. It’s a vote telling other buyers that you are a good seller and builds a trust factor. This is a pretty basic way of getting some more buyers to check you out.

This doesn’t help a new seller get any more exposure but overtime it will give you some ebay love. There are some specific things that will help your listings rank and let you make money selling on ebay. If you didn’t know there are specific things that you can do to make your items get more exposure regardless of how great of an ebay seller you are.

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How about getting the goods to the people?

I can teach you how to list items for sale on ebay without actually owning them (yes its legal), I can show you a tried and true method of making money on ebay by getting your listings in front of buyers. The final piece of the puzzle is to complete the sale and get the buyer their items quickly and with as little expense to you as possible. Lets face it, shipping costs will eat away your profits.

Like any good business if you can control expenses you stand a great chance to succeed.

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