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magnetic sponsoring

The Power of The Magnet

Do You Know What Magnetic Sponsoring Is?

Have you been searching for magnetic sponsoring and do you know what it is and why it is crucial to your mlm success? Mike Dillard teaches the attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring philosophies that has made him and others millions and millions of dollars in the process. I do not ask people starting out to purchase many things since it is a struggle to make a return on investment when you first start in home based business but without magnetic sponsoring, you will most likely take a lot longer to succeed.

Who Is Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring?

Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring is a compilation of information that he accumulated through his failures and later on successes in the mlm business. He is very candid and sincere when he lays out, his humble beginnings and struggles that had him pawning his championship bike and DVD collection just to buy soup in a cup so he could eat. He doesn’t say this to look for pity but it is the first step in magnetic sponsoring, you tell your story and if it hits home with somebody else they will feel comfortable with you and more importantly want to duplicate how you got out of your situation. I do use his magnetic sponsoring, I revert to it often and I copycat what he has done. I think that if I ever meet Mike Dillard in person he would shake my hand, say well done and know that he has another successful Magnetic Sponsoring imitator on his hands.

The Social Group of Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard is a strong believer that people thrive in social groups; they want to be lead until they are able and confident enough to lead on their own. It is a survival tactic and I think some guys I went to high school with are still in their original social group (mom’s house). MLM Businesses or Multi-Level Marketing is the perfect example of this. Most of us enter this industry with no sales experience and if we join the right group…not business, we will learn tricks along the way and avoid the mistakes of those before us. There are established programs and tools to use and there are people who will try and derail you, these are the people who still don’t understand that in home based business your success will dictate their success.

What Business Should You Join?

This is a trick question, Mike Dillard points out specifically that people DO NOT JOIN A BUSINESS, THEY JOIN YOU, sorry for shouting but this is the hardest point to understand and to this day I slip up when I get over excited about my primary mlm business. That’s where Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring reels me back in; it is a lifetime reference book that can make you money as an affiliate if somebody orders it through you there is a commission paid. I could walk away with a clear conscience selling that to a nun in a church or a “mobster” with a nasty temper. It is value packed and a proven guideline for success.

Magnetic Sponsoring Will Go Against The Grain

Mike Dillard points out that your friends, family, co-workers and you yourself will challenge your current views. It will be difficult in the beginning and this is where people tend to fall by the wayside, which is ok. Why do you want somebody working with you who hate what they are doing? Surround  yourself with the people who think like you, never quit  and don’t have the get rich quick, lottery mentality and you are on the right path to success. You also need a system to follow, remember that you don’t have a specific boss, your up line if they are solid will help you but you ultimately have to do it on your own. My Lead System Pro will give you the premade templates for success, this is the second must have tool. Your primary business if you already have one will give you their replicated website but My Lead System Pro will set you up with an automated system and training to get you into positive cash flow much quicker.

Is That All Mike Dillard Says?’

This is just the beginning of Magnetic Sponsoring and I will follow up with Magnetic Sponsoring parts 2 and 3 but feel free to look it over on my website. Attraction Marketing is the way to build relationships and eventually build your mlm blog and network marketing success.

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