Low Hanging Fruit

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Take What Is Given

We are often told to work hard, be aggressive and take massive action but what about people just starting out in business?

It can be very overwhelming for a newcomer building a home based business. You heard that leveraging the internet, building blogs and capture pages are key.

These are important pieces of the puzzle but what about your good friends and neighbors. They most likely will not be looking on the internet to find out what you are up to.

There are a lot of missed opportunities because we are looking at the apple on the top of the tree while the kids in the neighborhood grab that low hanging fruit that you literally have to push aside in order to start your climb.

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One Response to Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Point well taken.

    It pays – literally – to be prepared to chat about your opportunity when the situation arises. How many times does “What do you do?” or “How’s business?” come up in a conversation? Well….tell them!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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