Life’s A Pitch and Then You Sell

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Have you ever thought that sales isn’t for you and only the ruthless, pushy guys with the not so hidden agenda can succeed in this business. Does your mental image of salespeople conjure up images of a carnival barker asking you to step right up while he siphons your greenbacks from your wallet?

Today the consumer is smarter, armed with endless information and are more selective with who they will share some of their children’s inheritance with. Over the years buyers have evolved and only the sharpest businesses that take the consumers interest into account will stand a chance in the new age of wheeling and dealing.

We are all programmed to sell, it is in out DNA. Do you remember trying to convince your mom to let your friend sleep over? How about the infamous “Dad can we get a dog” sales pitch? It’s really awesome when it’s sweetened with the “I’ll be your best friend” incentive. Selling is natural, bad selling is unnatural.

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. Shoving something down somebody’s throat is not natural, trying to give something that is not beneficial to them and can not help them is flat out wrong. Attraction Marketing will put people in business together who are like minded, can help each other and can envision a positive outcome for everybody involved.

Network Marketing done correctly will have you providing a solution to somebody’s problem and will also give you a benefit from their satisfaction. If you focus on solving problems and helping others get what they want, you will get closer to getting what you want.

Next time you are in prospecting mode think about who you target, listen and learn about them. Find out if you already have a solution to their problem….oh yeah first find out what their problem is. Who knows one day you might find somebody who will say “I’ll be your best friend”.

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