Are you the Kim Kardashian of Network Marketing?

Talk About Shiny New Objects

Hey network marketers today Hollywood was rocked when it was confirmed that Kim Kardashian and longtime (by celebrity standards) husband Kris Humphries filed for divorce. There might have beenĀ  a little sarcasm in my last sentence but I actually hate to see a marriage fall short of till death do us part.

As I see it marriage is very much like the network marketing industry. It’s easy to get into and sometimes easier to get out of, there is no solid commitment needed because you are not held accountable. This is why professionals who have to invest a little more, whether it be time, money or both tend to have the most success and longevity in their businesses.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Kardashian actually made money off of their wedding and she is having her lawyers recommend that no spousal support is contributed by either party. The old saying no harm no foul rings true here. I’m sure there was some emotional investment but probably not enough to try and work things out.

If you commit yourself to your business and put yourself out there as a professional business owner, you will feel more obliged to stick it out. The biggest contributing factor to network marketing failure is that people don’t stay in the game long enough. I’ve seen some people quit or change companies when they were so close to succeeding.

There is nothing wrong with promoting other products, especially if it can help build your list and get you into positive cash flow. You are taught to use ethical bribes and a funded proposal very early on, just make sure that you aren’t distracted and remember what your original goals were.

2 months ago those two celebrity entities walked the aisle with the vision of sharing eternal bliss but some shiny product threw them off the course. In marriage it could be hanging with the boys, chasing skirts, over-working or under caring. In business it could be as simple as taking your eye off the prize or thinking that changing your company will change your results.

Keep focusing on yourself, associate with people who have the results that you want and stick with it. Happily married couples who do things together with other happily married couples statistically produce a greater environment for eternal bliss. On the same note successful marketers tend to hang with other successful marketers whether it be in person or through technology.

So get to know the successful people in your company and your industry, keep yourself focused and work on being a better you.

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One Response to Are you the Kim Kardashian of Network Marketing?

  1. Super analogy Dominick! Resist BSO – Bright Shiny Object – Syndrome, and stick to the fundamentals.

    Offer value, stick with a good company and surround yourself with leaders. In time, you will become quite successful if you persist.

    Thanks for sharing!


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