Is This The Look Of A Quitter?

I Quit
Me and My Boy James Wolf…Last Day of Work

They say winners never quit and quitters never win, well I’m going to test that theory out. Take a look at this picture; you’re looking at a quitter. October 31, 2010 was my last day working in a restaurant as a chef, my last 80 hour week, and my last holiday away from my children. I hate having my picture taken but it was a farewell to my good friend James and many others and it felt good. I am able to focus on my personal chef business but it is only because I finally learned to market myself properly.

They Can Split An Atom But They Can’t Split Daddy

I lived by the motto that I was going to outwork everybody else in my industry and it created great opportunities…for my employers. I always had an Entrepreneurial mindset and taught myself different techniques to self-promote my business but never really learned how to establish myself as an authority until recently.  The biggest problem I had was that I couldn’t clone myself, I could only be at one place at a time. While I was cooking for 300 people at the restaurant I had phone calls coming in for private parties that I had to turn away. Imagine 80 hours on the job and trying to recruit new clients in my “spare” time… it wasn’t fun but it paid the bills. Sorry kids, daddy will be off next Christmas…I promise.

Market The Chef Or Market Yourself?

My future was bright, work a lot, make decent money and feed the family, the American Dream? I am what you would call a skeptic; you have to work hard to be promoted. It’s all about the blood, sweat and tears. I didn’t have a college education so being comfortable wasn’t an option; spare time was for the other guy. That’s what I thought until I learned how to generate income by marketing myself, not just my personal chef business and definitely not my employer. That was only the half of it; I learned how to leverage the power of the internet to attract, promote and engage potential customers without paying the big companies a ton of money to do it for me.

Diversify Your Skills and Diversify Your Life

I was not a great student in school, not even in culinary school I exceled only in the hands on aspects…bookwork is not my forte but as I got older I searched for anything I could learn to do at a minimal cost or even better…for free. I have three kids so going back to school was not an option for me but in the age of computers, online books and podcasts there is a ton of information available. Take what is given and search for more because there is nothing more lucrative to invest in than you.

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