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Thanks For Taking My Money and Giving Some Back

You’ve Heard Of The IRS But How About The “IRPS”?

How is the IRS an Internal Revenue Service when it is run externally? Now that you are gearing up for tax season don’t forget the “IRPS” aka Internal Revenue Producing System….YOU!

One of the biggest obstacles that will hold us back from becoming better is the perception that we cannot afford to invest in ourselves. If you have achieved any success in network marketing then you realize that you might have to sacrifice a luxury in order to advance your skill set. Whether it was a book, audio CD or online training you found a way to come up with enough to cover the cost and hopefully you made the right decision and got something of value in return.
If you are like the majority of American tax payers you have been letting Uncle Sam hold on to your cash, interest free and you are super excited to file an income tax refund. I know people who take vacations or remodel the house while others go on extended drinking binges. The one thing that you should definitely do is set aside a little bit of cash and utilize it for self-improvement.
Self-improvement means different things to different people. Physical and mental self-improvement are both very important to me and since there is always room to improve I know that I will set aside a financial allowance every month just for this purpose.
Reflect back throughout the year and think of things that you did not get because you “couldn’t afford” them and revisit the opportunity while you have some funds available. You never want to live life with regrets and think about what you should have done or how things could have been. Invest in yourself and grow your knowledge in whatever you are interested in and what will help you reach your goals.
You should also remember that if you are in network marketing that this is a good time to recruit people who are looking for a new opportunity. You are not the only one who has to figure out what to do with their income tax refund and maybe you can connect with like-minded people and strengthen your team.

You’ve invested in the government all year now invest in yourself. Leave Your Information On The Right For Free Training.

2 Responses to Invest In Yourself

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Winners sees opportunities to develop themselves, the rest sees obstacles.

    I scrapped together $500 I didn’t have to start my home based opp and made numerous investments in personal development since. I always saw the opportunity. To hell with obstacles.

    Thanks for sharing the reminder.


    • Dominick says:

      Hello Ryan,
      It’s true that winners see the opportunities. I invested in culinary school to achieve knowledge and when I invest in personal development I see it exactly the same way. It is tough when somebody is down and out and they have to come up with money to invest in something but most people here had to cross that bridge at some point in their lives.

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