Did Somebody Steal Your Inner Child?

Do You Remember When You Officially “Grew Up”

If you ask this question to 20 different people you will most likely get an equal number of different answers. You will probably also hear some outrageous opinions and stories about what that defining moment was. When you were a kid you probably wanted to be like mom or dad, you could not wait to stop being a kid.

When you were an a teenager the dreams of driving a car and staying out late. It could have been trying to get a date with the hot girl in school or just to be able to get a job and have your own money. You wanted to feel free independent…..independent that is an awesome word isn’t it?

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things the past year. I have been the chef of various restaurants for 13 years and was always in go mode…is this what I dreamed to do when I was younger? I love the kitchen and cooking is my passion but 80 hours a week with holidays added in as a bonus. Hmmm Independence?


My Personal Global Warming

This winter was very mild in the North East and that is fine by me because I love the hot humid weather. If my family had the same internal thermostat that I was born with we would have moved to Florida years ago. I loved the snow as a child, I wasn’t absorbed by video games the way kids are today….I would shovel all day long so I could save up for my Independence….or maybe it was for some Baby Ruth candy bars?

When did I lose that love of the winter? The crunching of the snow, building ice castles? My little kid inside checked out when I had to be “an adult” and follow in the footsteps of my ancestors. The moment I was held accountable by a time clock, I knew that snow meant treachery, it was my enemy.

There would be hell to pay if I didn’t report for duty….and worse there would be no paycheck. The freedom I wanted so bad was gone because the job that I had consumed me. I was missing time with my kids to do the things that I always loved to do. The snow wasn’t less fun, I was.

I’m A Kid Again

In 2010 I decided to look at working a home based business. After awhile I took the plunge and a $40,000 a year pay cut with goal of eventually being a full time entrepreneur. I struggled immensely in the beginning, saw very little results but never lost sight of success. I’ve met some great people and learned some amazing things…most importantly how to enjoy the snow.

If you want to stop wishing for all sunny days when you know that you can enjoy dancing in the rain…leave a message below. Share your inner child with everybody and let us know how you did it. If you aren’t there yet but have big dreams…write them down below and get started today. Once you tell us about them you’ll feel compelled to achieve them.

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  1. One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to study kids.

    How they stay in the moment. How they dance. How they play. Kids are usually high energy, light, fun-loving beings. Which attracts similar circumstances. When silly adults tune into the “dreaded snow” little kids see the beauty in snow, and wise adults follow the leads of the little kids, which of course attracts beauty in all forms into their lives.

    Really good stuff Dominick, thanks for sharing!


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