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mlm blogWho Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

Life is about finding yourself and running with it. You will always evolve and grow but your foundation needs to be solid, transparent and unwaivering. When you are growing up it is a culmination of your genetic makeup and your upbringing. You were judged by your family and your friends (for better or worse the world is prejudiced).

When you are a business owner your identity is built around your mission statement, your public image (website, blog, advertising) and good old word of mouth. When you start a business you will most likely look for somebody to follow and pattern yourself after. Usually you find people that are successful (not looking to follow a loser), makeup similar to you (people gravitate to similar people) and you have to believe that it is something that you could also duplicate (I don’t think that i can be Kobe Bryant).



Here are 3 important tips to remember when branding yourself :

  1. Find Your Identity – follow people who do what you can see yourself doing. Do not try and be a preacher who leads a large congregation if you are timid and shy. I’m not saying to avoid your fears…actually hit them head on but also play to your strengths.
  2. Strive to be Better – You can’t be satisfied just because you see progress and more importantly do not accept when you “can’t” do something. Consciously improve yourself everyday. Don’t settle for success or failure…set goals to drive yourself.
  3. Consistency – This is something that every business, educational or athletic success is based on. Don’t be wishy washy, you have to plow through anything that you come up against. If you want to be a leader then your message has to be clear and easy to follow.

Take a look in the mirror, visualize who you are and then follow through so others will see you that way as well.

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  1. Luving the new look Dominick, and your tips are spot on. Consistency separates the leaders from the rest. This is a lesson in persistence. Stick with it, you reach your goals and your brand can become a household name if your vision is big enough and your persistence dogged enough.

    Thanks for sharing!


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