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IM Tool Suite

Is IM Tool Suite For All Business Owners

IM Tool Suite is a set of tools that are literally a business owners dream. There are over a dozen useful features that are packaged in this product. It is beneficial for network marketers, Internet marketers, affiliate marketers home business and traditional business owners. Every business out there should have some sort of Internet presence and this will only enhance those efforts.

My Top 5 IM Tool Suite Features

1. IM Tool Suite Web Conferencing -IM Tool Suite uses a web based platform so that it’s users can do live and recorded webinars. This will provide you with ability to add moderators, show desktop, play video and presentations plus a whole lot more for up to 250 people at a time. IM Tool Suite has a more feature rich experience than other video web conferencing companies do and they run between $50 -$500 a month.

2. IM Tool Suite Video Email -the power of this is in the personalization. You can respond to somebody looking them right in the eye with a video email and build a relationship that plain old emails can not do. You can also create personalized templates in addition to the more than a dozen that IM Tool Suite provides.

3. Auto Responder -IM Tool Suite also provides a built in auto responder that most companies start at $20. You can also use an autoresponder [a][b] of your choice if you already have one.

4. Capture Page Creator -another great feature of IM Tool Suite is the capture page creator. There are fully customizable templates to choose from that will have you up and running very quickly and with no technical skills.

5. IM Tool Suite Live Greeter -If you build a capture page you can have a live greeter that can be seen within the page. This will allow a visitor to actually be able to interact with you one on one. If you are not at your computer you can receive a text message to alert you that you have a visitor / potential customer.

IM Tool Suite You Can Earn While You Use It

IM Tool Suite has over 7 other features and benefits including video hosting and QR Code generator that could easily justify pricing of over $578 a month but this value packed workhorse is selling for only $67 a month. If you are not sure about the impact that this can have on your business you can test drive it for 7 days for only $4.95.

I forgot to mention that IM Tool Suite also offers an affiliate commision that pays 30% monthly


IM Tool Suite

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