How Many Ways Can You Hide Your Business?

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If there was a manual that could show you 5 ways to keep your business private would you sign up for it?

This might sound ridiculous but it seems like anybody who is involved in a non traditional business seems to have the same blue print for hiding what they are involved in. I am not a finger pointer and I only say this out of personal experience, most of the things I write about are things I have gone through or from people who I trust dearly that have shared their knowledge with me.

I am a professionally trained chef who started a personal chef business in 2006 THE PEOPLE’S CHEF and did everything I could possibly imagine to stir up business. I made flyers, yellow pages (yes people did still use the phone book), paid advertising, websites and of course let everybody know that I was finally a business owner. It was great, my family spread the word and all of the contacts that I had acquired as a chef in some of the top restaurants in the Philadelphia area were notified that I was movin’ on up.

I incorporated my business and became part of several personal chef associations,  spent money on training courses to learn the business side of running this industry. I really set myself up for success and along  with my t-shirts and personalized logo how could I go wrong. The great news is that this chef business is still going strong and I have very little overhead, while getting to do what I love.

Forward to 2010 when a friend of mine approached me with a health product that fit a need for me. I like to work out and be healthy and this was an all natural line of goods that had helped him lose weight and maintain his success. I placed an order and he explained to me that there is a direct-selling opportunity aligned with this product which I couldn’t have cared less about. When people noticed the progress I was making and asked me how I achieved my results, they would practically have to drag the company’s information out of me.

I was using the product, believed in the product and had tangible results but I was still hesitant to share my story. I was afraid that people were going to look at me funny because I participating in something that was not familiar to them. I thought that their perception of this home based business that I was involved in would trump the physical goals that I achieved. They personally had seen me transform, they knew me before and after but I did not see the power in that, I only knew that I was  afraid to be judged.

I robbed people that I knew an opportunity to feel the same physical benefits, financial gains and personal development experiences that I was exposed to. This was all because I could not get over myself and get out of my own way. If I would have had the same mindset that I did when I was starting my “traditional” business I would have begun to see results much sooner.

I was introduced to a new home based business opportunity (the previous company was not the problem, it was my thought process) and started to use a systematic approach and think like a business owner. This is when I started to see the same benefits that I had in my personal chef business. I started to communicate with people who had the same goals as I did even if we were not in the same company. Positive people, using ethical, consistent practices to help others be successful….these are the people I choose to interact with.

If you have had similar experiences where you struggled to succeed or you had a breakout moment that helped you overcome obstacles (whether they were self imposed or not) please leave a comment and share how you handled them.


2 Responses to How Many Ways Can You Hide Your Business?

  1. Marie says:

    Yes we do get in our way Dominick but I believe that is because we don’t believe. What I mean by that we don’t believe that others would be interested in hearing what we have to say. We don’t want to impose on others.

    Of course, this is erroneous thinking. After all if you take shows like survivor and all others that fit into categories where we watch other people’s lives in live time, this thinking breaks down.

    So yes, it is a matter of how we think of ourselves first of all and what we want to project.

    Thanks for opportunity to comment here.

    • Dominick says:

      Thank You Marie,

      It’s funny how our minds will work against us if we let it. That’s why focus, positive reinforcement and consistency will train us to see the opportunities rather than shy away from them.

      Your comments are always welcome,
      Have A Great Easter

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