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Did You Update Your GPS?

Have you ever found yourself lost and driving around looking for your destination even though the voice from your GPS tells you that you  have arrived? It says that the you are where you want to be but there is a dead end or empty lot staring at you.

The crazy thing is that with so many new developments, shopping malls and construction going on your GPS might be outdated. This blew my mind, you bought the damn thing because those paper maps couldn’t keep up to the changing commuter infrastructure.

As charming as the lady’s voice is from my electronic road map, her value decreases exponentially when she insists that you make a right when you know you should make a left. I’ve been told to jump in a lake before but this chick really wants me to do it.

Before you use it as a $200 paper weight, take a step back and investigate the situation. Look online and you probably will see that you just need to update the maps that are loaded into your computerized co-pilot. A little download and you are back on track to a quick and safe journey.

Does Your Business Plan Need To Be Upgraded?

If you are in business you will hopefully find some success but along the way you might come across some “rough spots”, you might get lost from your original path to success. Did you find something that took your eye off the prize? Are you lacking focus? Do you have a road map for success?

A home business needs a plan just like any other journey. Working from the confines of your house could be even more challenging to find success than working a traditional job. How do you stay focused when you can watch Seinfeld re-runs or join Alec Baldwin for a Words With Friends battle royal.

The answer is simple. Have a plan, follow the plan and keep moving forward. A blueprint will help you prepare for detours and not feel lost just because something didn’t go as expected. You will have much more clarity and success focusing on your destination if the route is planned out for you.

Did you ever have a plan for success in your home business? Do you need to update your home business GPS so you can get accurate and precise directions for success?





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