Is Your Home Business in 3D Like Top Gun?

Top Gun and Your Home Business Both In 3D

Home Business 3D

The movie Top Gun is going 3D, this might not matter to you because you hated the movie (impossible) or you aren’t old enough to remember it. When I heard this I was pumped, I am an old school fool who still won’t watch the Karate Kid remake because I know that Daniel LaRusso was “The Best Around”.

Is Your Home Business in 3D?

I might resist change in my pop culture life but when it comes to my home business and marketing I know that staying on top of the trends can be crucial to your success. Sometimes taking an old concept and reworking it is the way to go, revisit something that worked in the past and combine it with a new tactic to inject energy and maximize benefits.

3 Steps To Home Business 2.0

  • Warm Market Expansion – MLM growth was always based on making a list of people you know and reaching out to them…in the old days of telephone and snail mail that might have been 50 – 100 people. My father even has more than that amount on facebook alone….social media is here to stay.
  • Video Marketing – Now you can attract people to you through video. If a picture says a thousand words…your work from home opportunity can speak novels with video and YouTube marketing.
  •  Web Presence – Your home business should be linked to a blog…your promotional real estate online that people can learn about you. This is separate from your company website and should have a good mix of personal, professional and of course informational content.

These are just a few ways to give your home business the 3D effect that will keep the newbies and the old heads (like me) interested in what your doing.

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