Guest Blogging

Make Sure You Use Proper Netiquette

Looking for additional ways to get traffic, followers and exposure? How about being a guest blogger?

Unlike an ad swap or JV partnership, you don’t ever have to be ashamed of the size of your list. If you can write some content that is genuine, not spammy and informative…you should be able to be successful with this method.

guest blogging

What’s It All About?

Guest blogging is really as simple as asking somebody to allow you to post some content on their blog that will be seen by their audience. They will provide links back to your blog and if you provide value, there is a good chance people will check out what you are all about. If your blog is setup well you can easily get people to opt in to your list and you are on your way to building new relationships.

This is often a one for one swap….I guest on your blog and you guest on mine. Really simple, just make sure that it is clear that these pieces of content are unique and you aren’t guest blogging all over the place with the same information. This usually won’t involve any promotion of products or affiliate links but will get you a back-link and eyeballs on your  site.

Guest Blogging For Affiliates

You can also utilize other people’s blogs to make sales but it needs to be set up in advance. Lets say you have a product that you created and want to promote. You could ask somebody to be an affiliate and allow you to write about the product on their blog using their affiliate link. This way they get a commission and you make a sale…. remember this needs to be worked out prior to promoting links.

Where to Find Guest Blogging Hosts?

Everybody likes good content, whether it be top earners or struggling bloggers. Hone your skills and present your work. Don’t be afraid to ask your up-line or somebody on your team. Get yourself noticed and keep your content top notch so you will be in high demand.

Guest Blogging Recap

  1. Practice makes perfect… frequently – so you can have a strong body of work (a resume) and obviously increase your skill set
  2. Make sure your blog is set up to capture new visitors to your site – opt in forms, exit redirects etc.
  3. Find a blogging buddy — or 10. If you have a group of people you can rotate sharing content on each others blog. If you each have a different skill set you can really bring extra value to yourself and the host blogger.
If you have ever participated as a guest blogger or plan to in the future, leave a comment below and share your story.
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