How to Generate Free MLM Leads

How to Generate Free MLM Leads

Many people in Network Marketing want to know how to generate free mlm leads. When I get asked this question I often remind them that there really is no such thing as free mlm leads. There might not always be a monetary price attached to your home based business but you often have to sacrifice time in order to get your desired result. In order to receive one of the greatest benefits of this industry (time clock freedom) you might have to outsource or leverage tools to help break you free of the daily grind.


Free MLM Leads Come In Many Different Forms

Article Marketing is a very popular way to generate free mlm leads, this approach can take a little longer but there are tools such as article spinners and submitters to help with this process. These things will help take one article and rewrite it so the search engines will see it as unique content and get it distributed in many different places. A major benefit of article marketing is that it will often be found on search engines for a long time. This produces residual benefits from work that was done weeks, months and sometimes years ago.


Video Marketing is A Popular Way to Generate Free MLM Leads

In the past video recorders were a little pricey and sometimes bulky but nowadays almost all cell phones have cameras that will upload videos to the internet instantaneously. You can do 30 seconds of work and have it posted on the 3rd most popular website. If you have this linked back to your website you have another way to drive traffic and free mlm leads back to your blog or sales page.


Facebook Marketing for Free MLM Leads

Using social media and in this case specifically facebook you can communicate with way more people than you ever could by walking the streets and trying to connect with others. You have can drastically widen your audience and spread your message through social media which again will help you acquire free mlm leads. Facebook, Twitter and the many other faces of social media have become a favorite way to communicate with target markets by both small businesses and corporate America.


Create a MLM Blog

A blog will help keep the lines of communication open with your followers and gradually help spread your reach. A MLM blog will help to establish you as an authority, give you credibility and social proof. In essence it will let people know that you aren’t a dummy or scam artist.


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