How to generate Craigslist Leads For your Business

Craigslist Leads

There are many ways to generate leads for your business. Some people believe that you have to pound the pavement, others think it is done by referral and many believe that the internet is the only way to go. I wanted to go over the pros and cons of using the popular free classified website Craigslist.

The Good Side of Craigslist Leads

If you were paying attention in the first paragraph I mentioned that these Craigslist leads are free. If you are a small business owner or are involved in network marketing then you know that budgets can be tight. You usually have to trade your time if you want to take advantage of free strategies and Craigslist leads will require a little bit of your day.

Placing just one ad won’t get you the traction that you are looking for since these sites are being constantly updated and your posting will get pushed lower and lower throughout the day. Creative, repetition can attract new eyeballs to your ad and then you can capture their information.

Craigslist leads generally have a higher rate of phone number input because they are expecting an employer or seller of goods that they requested to contact them. If you’ve ever applied for a job you most likely have left your digits willingly anticipating a return phone call.

Craigslist Leads the Down Side

If you are in a network marketing company and you have posted in the help wanted section, you most likely will get a lot of responses from people who are looking for a traditional JOB. These are people that were trained to trade hours for dollars and they don’t feel special unless they fill out a W2 form. Time clocks are like security blankets and if you tell them that they get a paid vacation but only 1/4 of the earning potential of an internet marketer they are happy as a pig in sh#t.

It won’t take long for these people to get offended and want to get out of this conversation quickly. Remember if you are going for No’s and you want to work on calling leads, this is the boot camp that you have been looking for. Don’t be misleading and test your ads to see which sections get the best candidates with entrepreneurial spirit. There is a business opportunity section and there are often quality people browsing that section.

Automate Some Of The Work

Craigslist will allow you to use clickable links and images. There are also programs like Craigslist Ad Tracker that allow you  host images and rotate them to help keep your ads fresh and free from ghosting. You can send people to an online application, email address, capture page, website or endless other options to get solid leads.

You can even outsource posting ads and this will allow you open another account using their number. Maximize your time and efforts so you can multiply your results. This is one of my 5 favorite ways to generate free mlm leads.


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