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Network Marketing Turned Me From A Slave In The Kitchen To A Leader In My Business

Network Marketing aka MLM started as a part time interest for me. I got into the business to purchase a product that I utilized to lose weight and build muscle but did not understand the concept of Network Marketing. Unfortunately neither did my friend selling the goods and neither of us saw much action in terms of selling or building our “down-line”. The concept was simple, I purchase this line of products (which I still use and love) and create a list of friends and family (my warm market) and get them to also purchase the monthly shipment and they duplicate it over and over again. I would make money off their sales and their down-line’s sales. Cha-Ching.$$$.

Why Am I Struggling In My MLM Business?

I lost weight, felt great but saw little financial gain with my Network Marketing venture. My friends and family weren’t interested mostly because they weren’t even worried about losing weight and feeling great so there was no way I could get them to commit to a monthly auto-ship let alone ask them to pitch it to their beer guzzling peers. My MLM opportunity provided me with a nice website, cute graphics videos, you name it but nobody was looking for my business. Great product, great compensation potential but not many partners signing up. I was about to quit, not the product but the business.

Network Marketing Comes of Age

It wasn’t until I realized that people didn’t care about my product, sure I lost 30lbs but I wasn’t making big money. The few hundred dollars I was making wasn’t worth the idea of pedalling my goods to all the chubby relatives and co-workers I came in contact with. Everybody saw me as a knuckle dragging chef and not an entrepreneur they weren’t going to follow me when I was the one working holidays and weekends. I was determined, I saw the potential and I was going to succeed. I utilized every book, website and blog that I could find on Network Marketing and the message was loud and clear “People Do Business With Other People Not With Companies and Products”.

My MLM Opportunity Is ME!

I didn’t realize it but with all the studying I had done, I was now an expert (sort of). I still had one problem…I’m the only one who knows it. Once I found an effective system to get my message out I noticed people wanted to follow my lead, just as I lead cooks in the kitchen other network marketers wanted to be with a winner. The next great thing I noticed was that this system worked regardless of the product I was promoting, I will repeat my MLM product is me. Now I am able to enjoy more quality time at home with my kids and develop myself as a business expert and still be a chef because I want to and not because I have to.

From Chef To Riches

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