Free MLM Leads Using These 5 Methods

The best things in life are free, unless of course you have to pay for them. I know that sounds funny but in actuality you will pay to bring people into your pipeline either financially or by time commitment. I wanted to share 5 ways that you can grow your warm market without spending money but remember there is effort involved. The good thing is that as you perfect these skills they will make your paid strategies even more potent.

My 5 Free MLM Leads Tips

  1. Article Marketing – this free mlm leads technique is a tried and true method that has many benefits. You provide information for people who are seeking out a solution to a problem. If you can solve problems then you will make money that is of course if they can find you. If you optimize your articles and creatively distribute them, you can extend your reach many times over and at the same time generate free mlm leads. This is also a long term tactic that will see results for many months and sometimes years.
  2. Free Classifieds -the most common is Craigslist but there are hundreds of non-paid classified forums that are perfect for generating free mlm leads. If you are creative and can avoid being spammy you will be able to capture names, emails and resumes. The downside is that many people looking in the classifieds are often not of the proper mindset for a non-traditional business like mlm. This will be a true numbers game and will at the very least get you comfortable with calling leads.
  3. Social Media -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the dinosaur MySpace are a few ways to generate free mlm leads. Social Media is here to stay and there are unlimited ways to market through these channels. The key is to build relationships because these people are not here to be pitched to but you already knew that anyway. Didn’t you? Get these people to like you then gradually introduce them into your business.
  4. Face-to-Face -this is the classic form of network marketing and still loved by many. If you can master this you will be successful, most marketers fail because they are not able to communicate in person. The telephone can be one of the scariest but most effective weapons in your arsenal. This free method of marketing will get you into profit quickly.
  5. Video Marketing – shooting videos might have been a costly production in the 90’s but now almost every computer and cell phone has a built in camera. There are many paid video hosting companies out there that are cheap but the true traffic giant is still YouTube. Won’t cost you a dime, can get a ton of views and drive  lots of traffic.  If you embed those videos in your website you can also help your Search Engine rankings by making Google think you are cool. Remember the longer they stay on your page the better it is for you.

Another Benefit of Free MLM Leads

One of the most overlooked benefits of being able to produce no cost leads is that you become more attractive to other marketers. If you produce results that are desirable to them and they think your system is something that they can duplicate..they will want to join you.  Visit my mlm blog. to learn more about free mlm leads and also click here for more help in your home business.


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  1. John Ryan says:

    I’ve found that Video Marketing, when done correctly, can lead to a HUGE amount of traffic… fast!

    There are so many free articles on the internet on how to optimize your YouTube videos. I would suggest you read up on them, and apply the tips to your videos.

    Recently, I used these tips on one of my websites, and it has made a huge difference for me.

    I would also recommend that you post on other’s video’s with an invitation for them to visit your videos or website.

    Hope this helps!

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