Financial Cliff Jumping

Financial Cliff Jumping

Does The Financial Cliff Have You Nervous?

financial cliff

If you’ve been watching the news about the financial cliff, you know that there is a lot of uncertainty with 2013 and if the donkeys and elephants can work out some complicated tax issues. I’ve seen all kinds of number ranging from $1,000 through $3500 additional taxes to be paid for average income families.

The numbers escalate for the wealthier but there are other ramifications as well. Unemployment benefits could be stopped immediately for many and the list goes on and on. I’m not here to figure out who is wrong or right…nor do I care. People get nice salaries to look out for our best interest….and it looks like many have failed us.

Financial Cliff Proof

The way to make yourself independent of the financial cliff ramifications is to make sure you have expendable income. While nobody wants to pay more money it is imperative that you aren’t put into desperation mode because the powers that be can’t figure out the math. I read that LeBron James could have to pay an extra $1 million plus when the calendar flips…I’m sure he’s pissed but probably not losing sleep

Many home business owners enjoy deep tax benefits and that is for online businesses as well. The thought of working from home is becoming more and more enticing to people. If you are on the fence, now might be the perfect time to get involved if only part-time. If you are already working from home….Are you getting the results you deserve?

Financial Cliff Instructor

Stop making excuses and start getting results so you can become bullet proof from all of the political agendas of the world.

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