Create a Need or Fill a Need?

Life Is All About Supply and Demand

The part we play in this world changes by the day, the hour and by the minute.
Try and focus on the people that are around you and the ones who you will eventually come into contact with.
Now where do you fit into the big picture?
One of the biggest challenges that people who want to “help” others face is that they look to create a need instead of filling a need that is already there. It is common in relationships, friendships and business.
It is often predicated by not listening to people and understanding what they want. There is a place for creators and fillers but you have to be clear on your objectives in order to accomplish them.
A person without a computer does not need the internet. A person with no children probably would not need diapers or formula. A non-drinker probably is not interested in the next best light beer to hit the market.
Creating a need can often be expensive and filled with years of research that brings along a high rate of failure. Big businesses and forward thinking inventors usually venture into this territory and while there is high reward…there is also higher risk.
Filling a need can be very productive and rewarding. It can be as simple as listening to a problem, lending a hand or just being there for somebody. If you look around you there are needs to be filled at every turn.
Help the kids with their homework, your spouse with the housework, your elderly neighbor with their groceries. None of these needs were created by you but you can easily fill the requirements to help out. You can provide a service with very little investment other than your listening and understanding.
If you really want to be successful, make sure you are filling a need for others. This alone will make you a valuable asset to somebody….now ramp up your efforts and fill many needs for many people. If you are able to do this your rewards will come…regardless if they are financial, spiritual or emotional.
Focus on others and others will focus on you.
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