Entrepreneur Snooze Button

entrepreneur snooze button


Do you hit the Entrepreneur snooze button?

When starting a business whether it is a traditional brick and mortar or a home based business, the clock starts ticking the minute you open for business. You are in the big leagues now and time is money…your money.  You no longer have Mr. Bossman to give you a check while he absorbs the cost of doing business.

In a traditional business you might have rent, utilities, employee and operating expenses. If you are like me and you have entered the world of network marketing you will have systems, advertising, website, tools and training materials you will utilize to advance your business.

When you spend that first dollar you have to be focused on making your first dollar or else you will go broke, frustrated or both. A frustrated and broke business owner won’t be a business owner for very long.

The time to generate income is now but are you hitting the snooze button and procrastinating? In network marketing you have to be looking for new partners all the time. You shouldn’t always be going out to prospect; sometimes you have to be prospecting while you are going out. You will schedule time for your business but opportunities do not just come during a scheduled time.

Take a look around you and see the potential to grow your team, your business and your revenue generating actions. If you snooze you lose, every day that you don’t take action you will delay your progress. Your excitement to succeed will be its highest when you first start your business, so harness that energy and feed the beast.

If you realize that every day you hit that snooze button you will could potentially miss out on recruiting a star into your team.  Warm market, article marketing, pay per click or whatever your strategy is, start it now and stay consistent with it. While you snooze somebody else is taking action and taking your money. So you can choose to snooze or get in and win.

Leave your information to the right if you want to squash that snooze button and start to wake up your business today.

3 Responses to Entrepreneur Snooze Button

  1. Great Article Dominick, thanks for sharing !

  2. Great Article Dominick, thanks for sharing ! It,s hard for people sometimes to remember to treat it like a business, a real expensive business….

  3. Hi Dominick,

    Awesome reminder many ignore.

    You become a successful network marketer by acting now. Not 10 minutes, days or weeks from now. Putting something off that needs to be addressed now delays your success. Procrastination is a root cause of failure, both online and offline in the business world.

    Get going and starting acting now, at least if you plan to be successful. Thanks for sharing Dominick!


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