Did You Get Engaged?


If you are involved in a home based business and utilize network marketing to build relationships and prospect then you should be. I get engaged with my business and my team whenever there is something that can provide value. It might be as simple as coming across somebody else’s mlm blog or post that I thing might be of interest or can create a learning experience for somebody else.

If a fellow online marketer has taken the time to share something and I enjoy it I will pass it along. It is beneficial to the writer who created the mlm blog by giving them recognition, it helped identify me as a resource of useful information and the people I share it with will also learn from it. This follows along with my sustainable network marketing and being sticky philosophies.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be engaged and your mlm blog doesn’t always have to be focused on your business all the time. If you are building relationships then you can share something about your day that made you smile, you found interesting and unique. In our modern age of technology you have to nurture the relationships you build or people will forget about you, the internet is a very busy place and can’t sit on the sidelines and hope to be on the top of everybody’s list. Just remember that you can be engaged but you don’t have to be married 🙂 (to your business)

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  1. Dominick,

    I really enjoyed this post. It is the first post that I have read of yours and it really resonated with me. I too believe that the nuggets we find along our journey are more valuable when we share them with others. I have yet to read more about your sustainable network marketing strategies, however, I already know I will like them. The fact you have a background as a chef says it all; it’s all about your resources and creativity…and more than that, food is most fun when shared 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

    Christina Hood

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