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What's Under The Hood?

My MLM Blog Is Better Than Yours

One question I hear from a lot of people that I work with is what theme should I use for my mlm blog and where can I find a theme for my mlm blog? So many people never start their mlm blog or spin their wheels because of this life altering decision. Don’t let this be your roadblock!

Are MLM Blog Themes Created Equal?

There are some style and functions that might help you have a better mlm blog but content is king. If you have a classic muscle car with no engine, it’s just something that looks cool but is fairly useless. Work on your mlm blog etiquette and let people see your personality, it’s an extension of who you are.

Ok You’re Still Hung Up On The MLM Blog Theme

There are thousands of different themes if you use WordPress as I do and I also choose to use the self hosted version. This way I own the blog and won’t ever have to worry about it getting shut down, plus there are some things that you can’t do with a free wordpress mlm blog. With WordPress you can get free themes or pay for one, mine is free as usual I try to use free things and put in a little more effort to get results. I am FREAP – That is Frugal and Cheap.

Like A Blog? Sneak A Peek

If you see an mlm blog that you really like, it might be a free theme that you can have for yourself. You can find out by peeking at their code, I am not a computer savvy guy  but anybody can do this. Find a blog you like and in the browser click on “view source”, this will show you a bunch of gibberish but you can look for something that looks like this “”nofollow” this is the theme that I use. You can also find out lots of other information about their page from the source code.

Now What Do I Do?

When you are peeking at an mlm blog and you want to see if that theme is free, go into your wp-admin page and under install themes type in the theme that caught your eye. If you see it then you are in luck, install and start playing. If it’s not there, google the theme name and you might find it is a premium or “not free theme” but at least you found it.

Get To Work

I’ve given you a starting point now you have no excuse not to start creating content, get working and spread your message on your mlm blog. You can contact me and I’ll write a post on any little tweak or modification you need on your website but only if you get to work towards your success. Don’t wait another day to make that change.

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8 Responses to Stop Trying To Reinvent The MLM Blog

  1. Rob Loomis says:

    Another piece of good information.
    I am not an expert by any means but when I get people started with blogging, The first thing they always think about, and spend too much time with, is the Theme.

    I agree with you. Get to work creating good information and worry about the theme later.

    Rob Loomis

  2. Dominick says:

    Thanks Rob, Sometimes rolling up your sleeves and getting to work is the best advice to give….as long as you have a map to get you there. I know that sitting back and waiting for good things to happen to you is not the best plan of action. Talk to you soon.


  3. Hi Dominick,

    Well said!

    Presentation counts on some level but the message your words convey reigns supreme. I look at Seth Godin’s blog. Also Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog. Both are 2 of the most popular blogs on the web and use basic themes….Pavlina uses the OLD school WP theme. Didn’t hurt them.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. I’ve just started blogging 2nd week of January 2011. My numbers are slowly rising. I’d like to make extra income when I’m too old for people to hire. I’m using the fact that I’m a cinderella story from the garbage dump of northern Manitoba on a social justice fight with the government of Canada & Ontario because I am the heir to North West Company & the holder of the Crown Patent to N & S Plantagenet. I am unemployed but know the power of getting the information to people out there. I need to sell products that I wouldn’t be buying on a whim when I put it on my blog. I’m old school…Integrity, which is my family motto.

  5. Dominick says:

    Ryan I get blog envy sometimes too but if it takes away from me providing value and growing and sharing my knowledge then I snap back to reality. Even with all the gimmick SEO programs I never see them say get noticed by google by looking the best…they even know to talk about content/keywords. I’m going to look a Pavlina’s blog right now…and of course check out RB’s as well

  6. Some very good points here on getting started and you’re absolutely right…..don’t spend too much time putting your foot on the brake so to speak. Get out there and create good content, work on the theme and look of your blog gradually. Do what gets you paid, then you’ll have more valuable content and a REAL success story to share with others. Some people just need to get out of their own way and just make it happen! Thanks for the tips Dominick! Great job!

  7. Steven Dean says:

    Nothing wrong with being FREAP Dominick as long as you can get the same results as anyone else. Sometimes people give the name Free such a bad name. But as far as using WordPress, I would really advise you spend the necessary money for that especially, to have it Self Hosted. Well for those who get hung up on stuff like this, just want to make a good impression. But the sooner you start to squeal those tires the better your off to getting your name out there. Appreciate the input. Not a bad car pic there.

    Steven Dean

    • Dominick says:

      Usually the FREAP approach takes a little more elbow grease and creativity but it can be done. WordPress was a blessing when I found it, I used to use Dreamweaver and I was not very good at it….used to get really frustrated, now I can focus on the content.

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