Does 1 = 1 ?

I remember my 1st grade teacher asking me what weighs more a pound of steel or a pound of feathers? I answered with sure confidence that the steel must weigh more and with that smug look on her face she told me that I was not correct. I was baffled by this notion but now I obviously understand that a pound is equal to a pound, no matter what the material is that we are weighing.

When I first started in network marketing I was sure that if I generated lots of leads I would be successful. I worked hard, sent out links to people, asked that oh so warm market to check out my opportunity and was able to see a lot of traffic. I had backed up the armored truck and was waiting for my big payday….and I waited…and I waited.

I was a little premature in my expectations and realized that although I truly had generated some leads, brought people to my hub and finely crafted capture pages I was missing out on a key concept. I was trying to give people something they¬†weren’t¬†looking for. You see at the time I was in a nutrition MLM and I told everybody about this great product and what it can do for them. This actually helped me while I was at the gym because of the progress I was making in my workouts but it really meant nothing to people I tried to strike up a conversation with.

I realized that all leads are not created equal. The internet can put you in front of a very broad audience but more importantly if you use it correctly it can put you in front of a targeted audience. If you present somebody with something they are looking for you will be much more successful. This career path becomes a lot more fun when people are open to your opportunity. You will also have success with random conversations but their is no better lead than a targeted lead.

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