Difference Between Experience and Knowledge

knowledge or experience

Do you have Experience or Knowledge?

Many people don’t even know the difference between the two but they each have their own benefits and are very valuable. When you acquire both you will be unstoppable in anything that you try to accomplish.

I went to culinary school and everyday would gain culinary knowledge. I buried my head in books and listened intently to the instructors. I would do hands on practicals at school and hone my cooking foundation but it did not compare to my experience that I would get working in the kitchen.

School was a controlled environment that tried to re-create what you see on Top Chef but at the end of the day it wasn’t the same. Freshly graduated students assume that they are qualified to run a kitchen because we had a diploma.

While I may have had fresh knowledge from the technical aspects of the culinary arts it was often the veterans of the kitchen who would were flawless even during the most intense dinner rush. My quickest advancements happened when I looked to the “old-heads”, studied their systems and found a way to incorporate them into my work habits.

What the Hell Does This Mean To You?

If you are involved in network marketing and you have not had the success you desire you might want to look to someone who has experience. The knowledge you have from courses and books are great but seeing and copying success from an experienced mentor is priceless.

Learn their way and then make it your own. Take your knowledge and their experience to build something that is unique and more importantly is something that others will envy. If you have something that other people want, they will join you, your business and your success.

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